Mothers Are Angels!

Mothers are angels! Here is our first Sassy Girl Couture item for sale.

What: Distressed Wooden Angel Wings

Details: 27-3/4″ x 44″ (yes, they make a STATEMENT)

Price: $130.00 plus 8.25% tax – Since it’s Mother’s Day, and we love you, and it’s our comeback, this will be THE ONE and ONLY time the price will be this LOW on this stunning item. Heed the warning!

Here is where you can find us on FaceBook!

Sassy Girl Couture

1. Enter your email address in the comments and we will pay pal you. OR you can send us a private message with your details. We will charge you immediately. We will also take a check so inquire for the details and we will make that happen.
2. After the sale has ended (appx 7-10 days) We will place the collective order all at one time.
3. After the order is placed it will take appx 2-4 weeks to arrive.
4. Local pick up only and we will send you the location info. We live in Humble TX. If you live out of town but frequent our area we will hold them for you till you are in the area.
5. All sales are final and we can not accept returns.

Nod that you understood the terms. OK…1, 2, ready Go!


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Wendy’s Knock Off Chili

I LOVE Wendy’s Chili.  I have a friend who had worked at Wendy’s and I’m not too crazy about how they make it.  So I searched and I came across this Wendy’s Knock off Chili and it is pretty darn close to Wendy’s Chili and this makes me happy happy happy!

When I have a reason to pull out my GIANT Tramontina 12 quart stock pot I make the Tim the Toolman Taylor caveman grunt


What I needed:
An electric can opener
A food chopper
A nice camera

What I had:
a very sharp knife
a manual can opener and my bicep
Refer to the blog where I got the recipe for nice pictures.

My changes to the recipe were very minimal:
I used 5 pounds of ground meat in my freezer which was:
2 pounds 94% lean ground beef
2 pounds 99% lean ground turkey breast
1 pound ground bison meat

I have also used ground venison. ANY combo of LEAN ground meat will do!

I added:
1 whole bunch of parsley roughly picked off the stems and roughly chopped.
A LOT more minced garlic like a ton more.  Hello, my name is Shannon and I am a garlicholic.
3 red bell peppers
4 green bell pepper (I could NOT bring myself to use all green…2 hours later…Burp! green bell pepper)

It freezes well in zip locks which makes the core of my being sing with joy. For my family of 5 I have 5 meals from one pot.  And all the people said AMEN!



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Blend your own laundry detergent


Yep Ill admit it. I made my own blend of laundry detergent and I LOVE it better than anything I have ever used.  I only have to make it 2 times a year so it is every economical. I refuse … Read the rest of this entry

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Loaf of meat aka meatloaf.


This is my go to comfort meal. When I make this I make 2. One mess 2 meals.  Yes please!  If I had 4 pans I would make 4. I don’t have any pictures b/c I was tired, I forgot, … Read the rest of this entry

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Ugly Yellow Chicken Chairs…Makeover


Remember these awful but beautiful chairs I bought at a GARAGE SALE? They had good bones. They were solid. The padding was perfect. They were $50 for 4. They were brush painted horribly. They had ugly rooster print material. I, … Read the rest of this entry

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40 years of traversing         40 years of taking in all of God’s glory           40 years of laughing   40 years of lending   30 months of incubation Boy 1-17-2001 Girl 12-31-2002 … Read the rest of this entry

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Happy Valentine’s Day


I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s.  The card variety, that is.  Jessi and I always made her cards for her classmates from scratch until last year when she asked to please buy some from the store.  I enjoyed making these, … Read the rest of this entry

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Belly Laughs

I never claimed to be a photographer.

Most kids have something they cling too. It may be a blanket, a paci, or a stuffie love. Jessi sucked her thumb. Wade had his ‘beebee’. Westin has his…. Belly. More specifically his belly button.   He won’t wear overalls … Read the rest of this entry

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Sunday Mernin’ Meatballs


It is bring a dish to Sunday School.  The first Sunday of the month.  It’s your groups turn.  What do you bring?  Meatballs.  You thought that too?  Ha! Great minds think alike. This is my go to thing to bring. … Read the rest of this entry

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs…

Image 24

While on my travels, I love to take pictures of signs. These are actual signs that I took pics of b/c they intrigued me or made me laugh. I love the little skulls that say you might die.  My friends … Read the rest of this entry

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